Update on SHINE’s grants processes and timelines

SHINE has adapted its grant-making procedures in light of the current school closures.

SHINE’s trustees have decided to focus on helping those SHINE currently supports to get through the crisis and adapt their activities where possible to suit the current circumstances, and in parallel we are also keen to share the stories of incredible teachers in the North who are going above and beyond to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged children.

As a result of the current uncertainties facing schools, we are only progressing a small number of applications in the current time, based on those who had already submitted draft bids before the school closures took place.

The next opportunity to apply for funding will now be mid-October 2020 for a decision in December 2020. We will be picking up discussions for this funding round from July 2020, and projects funded within this round will be expected to commence from January 2021 onwards. This is contingent on schools being fully open as normal in September 2020, and we will continue to review this based on government advice and actions in the coming weeks.

As we move forward out of this crisis, we will be shifting our focus to enable us to do more of what we do best in areas where our impact can be strongest. From the new academic year, SHINE will focus its funding on two key priorities:

  • Backing early stage ideas developed by teachers and schools, particularly focused on nurturing grassroots projects, which often struggle to access funding from other sources. This will mean expanding our focus on Let Teachers SHINE and on our direct funding programmes for schools.
  • Working together with others to solve some of the more entrenched problems which hold back children’s educational outcomes in particularly challenged parts of the North of England. SHINE will target specific areas of the North where we will work proactively to solve specific issues. This will be in collaboration with other charities, universities and community groups, and will seek to connect individual interventions together with broader sets of inputs.

In order to have the capacity to do both of these things well, SHINE will no longer be taking applications on a reactive basis, unless they originate directly from a practising teacher or school, as above.

The SHINE grants team are, as always, more than happy to take queries, questions or discussions around our approach to grant-making, however, in these turbulent times, we’d be really grateful if you could be patient with us while we endeavour to get back to you. All queries should be directed to info@shinetrust.org.uk and will be answered as soon as is possible.