Success at Windsor Half Marathon

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A couple of months ago, we started what has been an incredible season for fundraising with the Windsor Half Marathon.

We’re truly grateful to the SHINE team for bringing brilliant energy and enthusiasm both on the track and in the tent, and making the day truly special. They ran to raise money for the 100,000 children that we support in our programmes, and with the aim of reaching even more children with our projects. This year 40 of our supporters and trustees joined us to be cheered on by friends and family as they crossed the finish line and raised an amazing £40,800. Donations were pouring in long after the event, and we’d like to thank our trustees for supporting the amazing job done by our runners by matching what they raised.

To give some context what this amount can achieve, £40,800 can launch two SHINE on Saturday programmes for disadvantaged primary school children in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in our country; it can provide five Let Teachers SHINE winners with the investment they need to bring their innovative ideas into fruition; and it can fund around five of our inspirational Serious Fun on Saturday projects. It’s a remarkable achievement for everyone involved and we thank those who ran and, of course, donated so generously.

We had amazing weather on the day, which was great for all of us watching, but perhaps a bit too hot for the runners! The SHINE tent was set up for all our runners to drop in with their friends and family, so we could all have the chance to meet and celebrate the work of SHINE, not to mention for chocolate distribution! Our two talented sports masseurs were popular additions amongst our runners, and helped soothe many an ache after the monumental achievement of running a 13 miles.

The donations received on the day are hard at work, giving children like Jack the chance to succeed.

Jack is a 10 year old boy who has experienced a world most of us only read about in newspapers. He lives on a high rise estate dominated by gangs with very few positive role models to inspire him. At school, jack found maths and English difficult and without anyone at home to help, he was falling further and further behind. Sometimes Jack acted out in class to mask his difficulties, and his behaviour was becoming increasingly challenging to manage.

SHINE Gave Jack the extra encouragement and support he needed. With additional help on Saturdays, he could work on his basic skills in a safe and secure environment. This helped him to build better relationships with his teachers and see school in a whole new light.

This change in attitude, together with personalised support, saw Jack make huge improvements at school. His progress in maths and English doubled in a year and he learned how to better manage his behaviour too, both in and outside the classroom.

Every day, SHINE programmes, change the lives of children like Jack, helping them to turn things around before it’s too late.

Thanks again to our runners for all their hard work, and for expanding our reach to make positive change such as this.

If you’d like to donate towards the work that SHINE does, you can do so today via our donation page.

Chris and friends take on the course.

Chris and friends take on the course.