Outdoor theatre raises money for SHINE

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Theatre company Sovereign Arts is currently producing the wonderful outdoor play “But a Dream” which will raise money for SHINE. The play is a theatrical fantasy inspired by ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & the plays of Anton Chekhov.

The story unfolds on Alice’s birthday: escaping the fuss of her party, she starts to read a book of Chekhov’s plays and falls asleep – We invite you to Alice’s dream!” The play sounds incredible and we strongly urge everyone to check it out! Tickets are free and any money raised is being donated to SHINE, so that we can continue our work in helping children achieve their full potential.

The play is being performed in Oxford and London July 4th-12th 2015. There will also be tea and cake before the performance. The London performances are being held at the magnificent Garden Museum at Lambeth Palace.

Dates of the London performances:

July 6th (Monday) – Tea at 2, Curtain at 2:30;

July 7th (Tuesday) – Tea at 2, Curtain at 2:30;

July 9th (Thursday) –   Tea at 2, Curtain at 2:30;

July 11th (Saturday) – Tea at 1, Curtain at 1:30;

July 12th (Sunday) – Tea at 2, Curtain at 2:30
Date of the Oxford performance:

July 4th (Saturday) – Tea at 3, Curtain at 3:30.

5th (Sunday) – Tea at 3, Curtain at 3:30.

Check out their website for further details – http://butadreamplay.com/

Facebook: Facebook.com/butadreamplay

Twitter: @butadreamplay

We’d like to extend our many thanks to the Sovereign Theatre company for their efforts in raising funds for us to support disadvantaged young people become inspired to learn.