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The reality of our education system today is that 60% of children from the poorest households do not achieve five good GCSEs at school, leaving them without the basics they need to access further education or secure a good job.

We recognise that teachers have a crucial role to play in coming up with innovative practice to change this. This is why SHINE is running two competitions, helping teachers turn their dreams of changing these children’s education into a reality.

Let Teachers SHINE

Since SHINE created Let Teachers SHINE in 2012, it has helped teachers expand their education projects, providing grants of £15,000 to the competition’s winners. So far, we’ve invested over £1 million, supporting 44 teachers, and every one of them has changing children’s learning for the better.

Let Teachers SHINE winner Colin Hegarty has uploaded over one thousand maths tuition videos online, aimed at secondary school pupils and freely available for anyone to use. Collectively they have around six million views, and have earned him the Pearson Teaching Award and a place in the top ten finalists for the Global Teacher Awards. Whilst Claire Vowell has used her grant to harness the power of technology to make all areas of the school a living story, helping students escape the confines of the classroom on a ‘quest’ for stories. Her GPS lead treasure hunt comes to life as the children walk around the landscape, a new story being unlocked at every location, with real magic and excitement at their core.

London Teachers Innovation Fund

The London Teachers Innovation Fund is open for any London teachers to apply for up to £10,000, to work with subject experts from universities, business and subject associations to create teaching strategies and resources to raise the attainment and accelerate the progress of their students.
Supported by the Mayor of London the fund looks for candidates that aim to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogy of teachers, whilst improving students’ attainment and progress. The fund also works to make available more resources and tools for teachers to use in the classroom.

You can apply for the London Teachers Innovation Fund and Let Teachers SHINE today.