DigiSmart Is Now An App!

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SHINE partnered with DigiSmart in 2002 to launch their literacy catch-up scheme for children aged 9 to 12, who were struggling or reluctant to engage with reading. Positioned at the critical transition stage leading up to GCSEs, the project had great success in helping students get back on track with their literacy and wider learning, with many children even moving ahead of the expected national literacy level.

Off the back of this programme has come DigiSmart’s app, which has launched to reach more children who are struggling with their literacy with the confidence DigiSmart provides. The app is a motivating and progressional programme, addressing some of the vital steps that children may have missed whilst learning to read.

Without the core techniques that may be taken for granted in more capable readers, children who struggle to read inevitably face barriers in their learning and communication skills. The DigiSmart app addresses three fundamental reading skills – skimming, scanning, and finding.

Building simple yet powerful strategies, the app enables children to catch up and establish a firmer footing in literacy.

We’re delighted that DigiSmart have been able to launch this app to help even more children with their innovative literacy learning techniques. Have a look at their website to check it out!