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Unfortunately, we know that the disadvantage gap is widest for children living in the North of England.

Let Teachers SHINE is about finding innovation from teachers working in the classroom.  At SHINE we work with lots of great teachers, supporting them to develop their ideas into scalable projects.  We are looking for new innovative projects led by enthusiastic teachers.

When I was a teacher, I wasn’t short on ideas of things to try out in my classroom but it never occurred to me that OTHER TEACHERS?! Or even SCHOOLS would be interested to hear about them!

Let Teachers SHINE is about hearing your ideas and working with you to develop them so that they can be tested and adopted by other teachers and schools.

We are about to launch the application stage of LET TEACHERS SHINE 2021 and really encourage teachers out there to share their great ideas so we can help you to explore its potential.

ELEANOR HEATHCOATE, Let Teachers SHINE Programme Manager

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