Schools invited to take part in free maths event Number Hunters

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We want to increase children's confidence by making maths fun, engaging and accessible on National Numeracy Day.

Roy Clutterbuck

Primary schools across the North of England are invited to take part in a free event that shows how maths can be fun.

Let Teachers SHINE winner Roy Clutterbuck is organising the Number Hunters virtual workshop, which takes place on National Numeracy Day, Wednesday, 19th May.

Primary school teacher Roy runs Lightning Maths, a social enterprise that makes engaging maths games designed to support fluency and problem solving.

Number Hunters is his first inter-school virtual event, and he is urging teachers to sign for the hour-long event, which is open to children from Years 4 to 6.

“We want to increase children’s confidence by making maths fun, engaging and accessible on National Numeracy Day,” said Roy.

Roy Clutterbuck

“Pupils will enrol in Number Hunter Academy, where they will chase numbers, solve puzzles and crack codes.

“The hour-long, free event will be a chance for children to experiment with numbers, to work together and, most importantly, to have fun while learning maths!”

Schools taking part will be sent everything they need, including practice puzzles so that young Number Hunters can familiarise themselves with the games in the week leading to the event.

There’ll also be a secret file of puzzles to be revealed during the event.

Roy will lead the virtual event, connecting all the school teams together to learn through collaboration and play.

Number Hunters will be run from individual classrooms, but schools will be linked across the internet.

The deadline to take part is Monday 3rd May.  If you’d like to sign up, visit