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SHINE backs new ideas

LET Teachers SHINE is about looking for new ideas that address some of the problems which exist in education. We know there are plenty of problems out there – but fortunately there are many potential solutions too, just waiting to be given a chance to shine. That’s why SHINE is offering up to £25,000 over two years to help teachers to trial and test some of the ideas from the classroom. Teaching never stops, the ‘to-do list’ never ends, so thinking through a fresh approach to something can easily get pushed down the pile of priorities. Let Teachers SHINE offers the time and space you need to focus on that idea you’d love to put into practice. Of course, developing a good idea takes time and commitment from you. These grants lasts for two years so you need to be committed to going on this journey with us. Before you apply, make sure this challenge is right for you!

Rising to the challenge

The web-based application is live on our website until 9am on January 18, 2022. This sounds like a long window to apply right? Well, as we know, one of the downsides of being a teacher is that time evaporates at double speed. The application is chunked and capped with word limits, meaning you can do a bit, save it, and do a bit more later. At the application stage, we want to see some development of the idea, and a concept of how it could work. Is there any research that links to or corroborates your idea? Perhaps you’ve run a previous pilot project that you’d like to develop. This helps to demonstrate that your idea has some clout behind it! On the website you’ll find detailed criteria and guidance on how to apply, and you can also see the types of projects we’re currently supporting. SHINE is a small friendly team, so please do contact us if you’d like to check anything about your application.

SHINE back Teachers as innovators

Schools and teachers are used to adapting and trying new ways of doing things that are often brought in from the top down, or from outside organisations. Sometimes these new approaches have been developed away from the classroom and do not adapt smoothly to meet the needs of local contexts. From working as a teacher previously and closely with teachers in my current role, I know teachers on the ground know and work out very quickly what works well and what works less well and are adept at adapting as they go. Let Teachers SHINE creates space for teachers with fresh ideas. It also offers support with developing those ideas, so that hopefully they can grow, and be shared with other schools.

SHINE focuses on accelerating progress for disadvantaged children living in the North

Unfortunately, disadvantaged children living in the North of England are statistically more likely to leave school without the basics they need to continue studying or get a well-paid job. Tackling this is at the heart of what SHINE does. However, Let Teachers SHINE is open to qualified teachers working across the whole of England. If you’re a teacher working outside of the North convince us how your project could make a difference to disadvantaged children living in this part of the country and how it would be shared here.

Good luck

Hopefully this explains a bit more about what Let Teachers SHINE is focused on, so if you’re a practising teacher with a good idea for a project that fits what we’re looking for and the enthusiasm to move it forward, why not look at our application form? It could be the start of something brilliant! Good luck!