‘The Let Teachers SHINE award is about more than just funding’ – winner Doug King

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The Let Teachers SHINE award is open now, and I’d really encourage you to put an application in.

It’s a great opportunity to turn an idea into reality.

For me, it’s allowed us the opportunity to develop an online platform of resources and activities to help engage parents to support effective studying at home.

The funding is obviously a huge help in allowing you to develop and grow your idea.

However, the Let Teachers SHINE award is more than just funding.

For me, the really, really key parts are being able to network with other award winners and grantees and share ideas and experiences, and also the help and support of the SHINE Trust team, who have been amazing.

The Theory of Change workshop, and Monitoring and Evaluation workshops are really, really useful, and what they do is get you to think a little bit deeper about your idea and about how you’re really going to make it work.

They also help to put you in touch with specialists, people who can really, really help to give you the advice that you need to make your idea work.

The team at SHINE Trust are fantastic. They understand the demands that people have with full-time work alongside running a project, and they’re really, really accommodating all the way through, from the initial application, right through to the end of the project.

So if you do have that idea in your head and you’re not quite sure what to do with it, we’d really recommend that you put an application in.

It’s a really straightforward process, and this time next year, it may well be that your idea is that reality.

Douglas King is from Oldham Sixth Form College. He won funding in Let Teachers SHINE 2021. You can read more about his project here.