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Since SHINE was established in 1999, we have invested more than £34.5 million in projects helping over 1.4 million children from 20,000 schools. Almost 200,000 of these children have been reached by SHINE-funded programmes in schools; and in addition, more than 1.2 million disadvantaged children have benefitted from access to SHINE-funded programmes online. Scroll down to read about our most recent work.


The year in review

Our Impact 2022 / 2023

SHINE’s aim is to break the link between deprivation and how well children fare at school. Over the last twelve months, SHINE projects have been helping improve the prospects of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across the North of England.

By backing talented teachers, encouraging innovation in education and helping to bring schools and families together, SHINE is proud to have made a difference to 29,163 children in the classroom and online. 

Children in disadvantaged areas currently leave school with lower grades, on average, than those in locations with higher levels of privilege, and the pandemic has only amplified these disparities. SHINE projects are focused on schools in the most deprived parts of the North, where the greatest impact can be made.

SHINE programmes have helped 29,811 children in the classroom and a further 11,377 children online.

We have worked hand-in-hand with some of the North’s best teachers to develop new and impactful projects that support the region’s most disadvantaged children.

Meanwhile, established projects have been expanded so they now benefit many more students.

Read SHINE CEO Fiona Spellmans reflections on the year here.

Matty & Betty's story

SHINE project focus

This year, SHINE funded projects across the following subjects and educational stages:

We focus on boosting qualifications in the core academic subjects to unlock the greatest choice for children in their future lives.

We focus on early support to help get ahead of the issues, with some targeted interventions later on.