Story: Callum’s story

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Callum stared at his teacher. She asked the class: “Can everyone start writing the first paragraph of a story using a modal verb?”

Most of his friends began eagerly scribbling down their ideas, but Callum couldn’t put pen to paper. He started to feel dizzy and hot.

Callum dreaded English lessons because he couldn’t think of what to write, and he hadn’t a clue a modal verb was. The teaching assistant approached him. “How are you getting on, Callum?” she asked.

All he could say was “I don’t know.” He just wanted to hide.

Callum’s teacher introduced him to Grimm and Co’s Inside Story project at their school. Every morning for two weeks, the Grimmologists would knock on his classroom door and invite him and his friends to a secret realm of stories. Callum would walk down his school corridor, into the hall, and be transported to Graham Grimm’s kingdom, a room filled with trinkets and boxes to unlock and explore.

Entering Graham’s world has really helped Callum to express himself because story writing became more like fun. With the Grimmologists, he has been able to forget about the rules of the classroom and get lost in a magical world of stories.

He was so inspired by what he saw in Graham’s world, he forgot his fear of getting things wrong and felt free to write what he wanted.

When he came back to the classroom, Callum couldn’t stop writing, and he has become much more engaged with school since taking part. Now, he can’t wait to write his next story.