Unlocking the potential of every child in Sunderland

SHINE is investing £10 million into secondary schools in the City of Sunderland over the next 10 years.

The fund will be locally led and tailored to address the barriers and needs identified by schools, leaders, and the Sunderland community. It will fund new project ideas and also expand upon existing solutions and partnerships that have already proven effective in the area.

For the first stage of this initiative, we are collaborating with the University of Sunderland to initiate a comprehensive city-wide scoping exercise. This process will engage stakeholders throughout the city to gain insight into the challenges encountered by secondary school students and to gather perspectives on potential solutions.

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We want Sunderland students to reach their full potential

Help us shape the fund

In the first instance, we are seeking to collaborate with headteachers and senior school leaders to help us shape this fund. 

If this is you, please get in touch.

We are keen to hear your insights on the key barriers preventing students in Sunderland from realising their full potential. Additionally, how would you propose addressing these challenges if you had the resources to do so?

Please contact us to find out more about how you can add your voice to this work and help to guide how the fund will be spent. 

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With the support of our local partners, we want to remove the barriers to success that students across Sunderland face. Our aim is to unlock the potential of every student in Sunderland and open up a future of opportunity and success for the young people of this fantastic city.

Helen Rafferty Interim CEO, SHINE